SWIMTAG Lane Counters further improve swimming experience


SWIMTAG webLove swimming, but bored of counting lengths? Then SWIMTAG, the must-have swimming tracker is for you.

Installed at Larkfield Leisure Centre and Tonbridge Pool last year, we have now gone one step further to enhance the SWIMTAG experience by introducing SWIMTAG lane counters. The new lane counters, which sit on poolside, allow swimmers to see how many lengths / how far they have swum in real time, as well as keep to a set pace. Easily seen through misty goggles, simply raise the SWIMTAG wristband in front of the counter to see your stats.

Suitable for every level of swimmer, SWIMTAG records all of your swims allowing you to monitor progress, set personal challenges and even take part in online competitions. The interactive training tool allows you to set specific targets based on calories, distance, speed or lengths to suit your goals for weight loss, stamina improvement or swimming progression.

Available FREE to all Gym & Spa Members and on a one month trial to casual swimmers, swimmers access their personal profile using a smart phone or computer and can share the results with friends via Twitter and Facebook. What's great about SWIMTAG is that it also connects to MYZONE, another great piece of exercise tracking tech available in the Gym at Larkfield Leisure Centre and soon at the Angel Centre.

To sign up please speak to Reception.  Trials run monthly at Tonbridge Swimming Pool and are running in September at Larkfield Leisure Centre.