Feedback & Customer Service


Excellent customer service is at the very heart of the operation of all tmactive's business and it is our aim to provide every customer with an outstanding customer experience every time they visit, and create an aspiration for all customers to visit us again.

Our Customer Insight Programme provides customers with every opportunity to tell us what is important to them and what we’re doing well and not so well. Your feedback allows us to put changes in place so that we deliver our services in the way that you like. The following feedback options are available:

feedback focus

feedback focus forms the largest element of our customer feedback process and has two purposes. Firstly, it allows customers to score their satisfaction with the service they received and secondly, it provides the opportunity to pass on views and comments to our management team. If you have something you would like tell us please complete an online feedback focus form or complete a feedback focus form at the centre. 

Net Promoter Score Closed Loop System

Centre visitors receive an email asking one question ‘how likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague? Customer’s responses – rated from 0 to 10 place them in one of three groups. ‘Promoters’ rate the company 9 or 10, ‘Passives’ 7 or 8 and ‘Detractors’ 0 to 6. The percentage of Detractors is then subtracted from the percentage of Promoters to obtain the NPS. Feedback is sent directly to the management team for monitoring and action.

Customer Panel

Each of our leisure centres has a customer panel. This group of customers meets twice a year to discuss the service being offered by the Centre. The minutes of the last customer panel meeting are available to view at each centre as well as online.

If you would like to join one of our Customer Panels please email indicating which Panel you would like to join.

Customer Survey

Our Market Research Programme allows us to find out what customers expect from us and to find out if we are delivering to these standards.

Mystery Calls & Visits

This service is employed to monitor, measure and improve our call handling and customer experience. We use the results to give qualitative feedback and to encourage and train staff to improve.

Please see our Customer Care Policy