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Feedback & Customer Service


Customer service is at the very heart of the operation of all tmactive leisure facilities. It is our aim to ensure we create a positive impression for every customer on every visit, and create an aspiration for all customers to visit us again.

We will always try to improve the service offered to customers through continuous improvements in all aspects of the operation. To achieve this we aim to listen to the views of our customers and ensure that every customer feels their needs have been acknowledged.

Tell us what you think

We endeavour to provide our customers with every opportunity to let us know what they think of the service they have received.

feedback focus forms the largest element of our customer feedback process and has two purposes. Firstly, it allows customers to score their satisfaction with the service they received and secondly, it provides the opportunity to pass on views and comments to our management team. If you have something you would like tell us please complete a feedback focus form on our website or complete a feedback focus form at the centre. 

Customer Panel

Each of our leisure centres has a customer panel. This group of customers meets twice a year to discuss the service being offered by the Centre. Customer panels meet twice a year and are consulted on service delivery, charges, new initiatives, etc. Panel members raise issues of concern and bring forward suggestions for improvements. The minutes of the last customer panel meeting are available to view at each centre as well as online.

If you would be interested in being part of the Customer Panel please ask for an application form at Reception or email indicating which Panel you would like to join.