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Raising money for Heart of Kent Hospice


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tmactive's Charity of the Year 2019/20 

The Heart of Kent Hospice Accumulator Challenge has now come to an end and we are pleased to announce a grand total of £1,138.17 has been raised by staff and customers in the last 3 months. The Challenge was simple, HOKH provided us with a £50 starter fund and we had 3 months to make it grow!  As a result, we planned a number of great fundraising events.

In September, we ran a Membership Bid fundraiser. Members and Casual Users were able to bid for one of five 1 month Health & Fitness Memberships.  The highest five bids at the end of the month received a Membership at the price they set.  Thanks to everyone involved, we raised £158.

tm13On Saturday 5 October, the Angel Centre Wellness Team and Members took part in Tough Mudder, Clapham and raised an amazing £266.  Tough Mudder events are about Fun, Teamwork and Personal Accomplishment. The idea is that the team work together to overcome some of the highest-rated, teamwork-orientated obstacles in the country.

From Monday 11 to friday 15 November Larkfield Leisure Centre's Health & Fitness Manager, Mike Stevens took part in 30 Group Exercise Classes in 5 days and brought in a whopping £659.72.  Well done to Mike and all who supported him through this difficult challenge. 

Thank you to all our Members and customers who helped raise this amazing total!  Heart of Kent Hospice continues to be the focus of our fundraising until our partnership comes to an end on Sunday 17 May 2020 and we appoint our Charity of the Year 2020/21.