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Further to my customer statement on Wednesday you will now be aware that Kent has been placed in Tier 3 related to Coronavirus restrictions.

Whilst we are delighted to be re-opening on Wednesday 2 December the most significant impact of being placed in Tier 3 is that we will not be permitted to offer Group Exercise classes of any description other than our live streaming programme. Whilst this may appear inconsistent with the ability to open the gyms and other facilities this remains the case until at least 16 December when the Government has pledged to review in which Tier each area resides. Badminton and table tennis may continue but will be limited to same households/bubble.

Catering and crèche services at all our facilities will not re-open in any form until January at the earliest - this includes the restaurant at Poult Wood. The soft play facility at Larkfield and spa facilities at Larkfield and Tonbridge Swimming Pool will remain closed under the guidance. Our squash courts at Poult Wood will close with the exception of Junior Coaching.

All the COVID secure measures in place ahead of the second national lockdown including pre-booking, social distancing, sanitizing and mask wearing when not taking part in an activity will remain in force when we re-open.

There has also been a lack of clarity on exactly when we will re-open but at present we believe this will be from our normal start of business next Wednesday. In the event this changes I will issue a further statement.

Turning to the GOOD news! Lane swimming, family sessions and Swim School will re-open. Our gyms will re-open and we will continue our live streaming exercise class programme. Gymnastics and trampolining (Larkfield only). Prima classes will continue to be delivered via Zoom until Christmas and we will review further in the New Year. The golf course, with 2, 3 and 4 ball play permitted, the driving range and golf tuition will re-open.

In effect all of the above will pick up exactly where we left off at close of business on Wednesday 4 November and pre-booking will still be required. Bookings will re-commence as follows;

  • Friday 27 Nov - All Annual and Direct Debit members including Golf, Health & Fitness and Swim & Spa able to book from this date up to 9 days in advance either via the tmactive App or website. No telephone bookings available.
  • Monday 30 Nov - All Priority Card holders at leisure centres and Discount Card holders at Poult Wood able to book from this date up to 7 days in advance either via the App or website. A telephone booking service will be available at sites between 9am and 5pm.
  • Wednesday 2 Dec - Casual user and visitors able to book with payment in advance via the App or website up to two days in advance. Telephone bookings will be available during normal reception/Pro Shop hours at all sites.

Please note that our bookings system has to be re-installed over the course of each day outlined above with individual products being available in turn. It is impossible to detail when specific activities will be ‘switched back on’ but the whole process will commence from 9am and will take up to 3 hours to complete. Please be patient and revisit the App or website regularly to see when your activity becomes available.

You will be aware that during November your Direct Debit will have been reduced to a £5 payment unless otherwise agreed, including those due on 28 November that will be collected on Monday 30 due to the weekend. With effect from Wednesday 2 December Direct Debits will be universally re-started with the exception of those customers who had requested to remain frozen prior to the second lockdown. Customers need do nothing for this process to occur.

I am aware however that Health and Fitness Members who had restarted their DD prior to November and only use group exercise may wish to consider now becoming frozen at the cost of just £5 until this specific restriction is lifted. Please note that you may access live streaming classes, free of charge and use the facilities on a pay as you go basis at the Priority Card rate whilst frozen. We are unable to identify who this may be and therefore if you do not wish to re-start your full DD in December for this reason you must email us at to advise. We cannot take this instruction via the telephone as it needs to be in writing.

We will deal with these requests in the order on which your DD is normally taken i.e. those taken on Monday 7 December will be dealt with first but we do need to know at least 5 days ahead of your DD date otherwise we may not be able to stop the transaction.

Annual members not wishing to re-start their membership should also contact to apply for an extension to their end date.

I apologise for the length of this customer statement but hope you appreciate that, particularly being in Tier 3, this remains a complex process.

We do look forward to welcoming you back to our facilities and hope to enjoy your continued support to keep our services open and providing safe, healthy physical activities for all our customers.

Best Regards


Martin Guyton
Chief Executive