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Dear Customer

Following my email from last week I am pleased to announce that in liaison with our system provider we have found a way to offer family booking online for both members and casual users.  We are introducing this on the back of customer demand and to alleviate pressure on phone bookings, but unfortunately, as I mentioned previously, it will only be possible to book in as individuals and the discounted family swim rate will not be available online.

The family rate will still be available if booked over the phone and we have now been able to adjust the system to allow us to book additional family members for up to 9 days in advance, subject to the individual’s booking rights. The current advance booking rights will apply – direct debit and annual payers 9 days, Priority Card holders 7 days, casual users 2 days.

Family direct debit and annual members and family Priority Card holders will be able to book for each other providing the memberships are linked and each member has given their permission to do this. Instructions for this are detailed later in the statement.

For family booking the following conditions need to be observed:

  • The Child Admission Policy must be followed at all times. Please see the full policy here. Unfortunately, customers will not be able to gain entry if they do not have the appropriate number of supervising adults.  
  • The system will only allow one additional adult non-member and therefore the booking must be made under an adults account if two non-member adults are required under the Child Admission Policy.


All customers can register to book activities online. When registering you will be asked to provide personal details including your name and email address. Once submitted, you'll receive an email to set up the final stage of your secure account. Forget your password at any time and you can securely reset it.

When booking family swimming online you will now see a list of booking categories and you are able to select the required number of additional spaces from these e.g. 3 juniors or 1 adult / 2 juniors. These will be charged at the individual rate for each user.

If you are a member or Priority Card holder you will be able to book in others from your family who are also members/priority card holders providing you have their permission to do so. On the bookings page you will see a list of family members that are linked to you and these can be booked into a space using the toggle by each name. All members will be charged at the appropriate individual member rate (this will be zero for dd and annual members). 

To give permission for linked members/Priority Card holders to book on your behalf, please log in through the Book Online page on our website. Click the green 'My account' button at the top of the page and click on 'Linked Members'. Ensure 'Allow linked members to make and manage bookings on your behalf?' is ticked. To meet data protection requirements, it is not possible for U’13s to allow this permission and only the Primary family member will be able to book online for this age group. 

Thank you for your continued patience and if you have any queries regarding primary or linked membership or experience problems booking please email  

Best Regards,

Martin Guyton - Chief Executive