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Swimming for all the family

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Classes to match your goals

Based on the ASA award scheme, our Swim School programme is taught by experienced instructors who provide high standards of tuition in water confidence, technique and aquatic skills.

shutterstock 169719554The Programme offers continuous assessment which allows pupils to progress through the various stages at their own pace. With more contact time between pupils and instructors, pupils progress at a steadier rate and can fulfil their potential more quickly.

Progress and skills development are recorded during each lesson ensuring the pupil's ability is continually monitored. When a swimmer meets the criteria of their current class, a place in the next stage will be offered, subject to availability. This progression can take place at any time during the year.

To enable pupils to gain maximum benefit from continuous development, our lessons run for 45 weeks of the year - providing a two week and five week break during Christmas and in the summer holidays respectively. This excludes Adult & Child classes which run term time only.

To apply for a course please complete our online Swim School Course Enquiry Form or call Larkfield Leisure Centre on 01622 719345 / Tonbridge Swimming Pool on 01732 367449.


Summer Intensive Courses

We have a number of 5 Day Intensive Swimming Courses running at Larkfield Leisure Centre and Tonbridge Swimming Pool from Monday 24 July. Courses include Stage 1, Stage 2 and Learn 2 Swim 7 Years+. Take a look at the 2017 Intensive Swimming Programme here. Across our four leisure facilities we are also running a number of Day camps, Drop Ins, Sports Coaching sessions and more. Take a look at the full 2017 Holiday Club Programme here.


Adult & Child Programme

shutterstock 90607378Designed for developing early years water confidence, these adult-accompanied classes are an introduction to the swimming world. The emphasis is upon development of basic skills, and an introduction to water and the swimming environment through fun and games.

These 20 minute classes take place in the Teaching Pool and work towards the ASA Duckling Awards (term time only).

  • 4 - 18 Months - Level 1: Build water confidence for both adult and baby through the use of toys and nursery rhymes.
  • 19 - 36 Months - Level 2: Basic water skills and independent travel with the use of aids introduced through structured play.
  • 3 Years+ - Level 3: Skills tailored to develop independence and group confidence in preparation for instruction without adult/carer.

Junior Swimming Lessons

Swimmers develop the core range of skills required to be confident, competent and safe in the water. These 30 minute classes do not require an adult to accompany the swimmer.

Teaching Pool

  • swimmer with floatPre-school Non Swimmers (3 years+): Develop basic safety awareness, the 'class' scenario, basic movement and water confidence skills. Swimming aids such as arm bands and floats may be used.
  • Pre-school Beginners (3 years+): Develop safe entries, including jumping in, rotation and travelling 5 metres without the use of aids.
  • Junior Non Swimmers (4 years+): Aims to travel 5 metres with aids on front and back with confidence, introduce movement in the water, water safety, submersion, flotation and propulsive leg action.
  • Junior Beginners (4 years+): Develop safe entries, including jumping in, rotation and travelling for 5 metres without use of aids, plus introduction to simultaneous strokes and the larger pool.

Fitness Pool

  • Improvers 1 Shallow end: Introduces an understanding of rotation through a range of skills, swim 10 metre distance of front and back crawl and develop simultaneous strokes.
  • Improvers 2: Introduction of sculling, complete rotation and deep water skills. Swimmers will perform front crawl and backstroke over a 15 metre distance.
  • Intermediate 1: Develop all strokes to the required ASA standard, aim to achieve a 25 metre distance and introduces lifesaving skills.
  • Intermediate 2: Swim all strokes to an ASA standard over a 10 metre distance, continue to include more advanced lifesaving skills and achieve Competent to Swim test.
  • Advanced 1: Increase distance and introduce advanced practices across all strokes to the ASA standard, plus develop water and survival skills.
  • Advanced 2: Maintain all strokes to the ASA standard over 25 metres, show a variety of skills ready to advance into competitive swimming or Rookie Lifeguard.


Group or Premium Lesson Options

Our standard group lessons comply with ASA recommended ratios. However, those looking for more intensive teaching can opt for Premium Lessons which offer a 1 to 4 teacher to pupil ratio - available for Teaching Pool and Improvers 1 and 2.

Pre-Squad & Rookie

Once the swimmer has developed the core range of skills, they have the choice to take part in different aquatic disciplines including Pre-squad and Rookie Club. All classes are one hour long.

Pre-Squad at Larkfield Leisure Centre

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This class focuses on maintaining ASA standard strokes over greater distances, using the correct starts and turns and the pace clock. Pre-squad also introduces medleys and the competitive laws used in a club environment.

Rookie Club

The Rookie Lifeguard award scheme allows juniors to develop lifesaving skills to help you save yourself and know what to do if you get into difficulty in the water. You will also learn what to do if someone stops breathing. The awards contain survival, rescue and sport skills as well as life support and water safety elements so they are great fun to do.

The scheme can be started at any level and there are no formal assessments - each activity is simply signed off by the trainer when the participant successfully completes it. There are also a range of bolt on activities being developed to add more fun and diversity to the scheme.

Adult Lessons

Are you an adult non-swimmer who would love to be able to swim? Do you swim but would like to gain deep water confidence, improve your stroke or increase your stamina? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then why don't you consider signing up to our adult swimming lessons. Our Swim School offers small friendly group lessons for adults of all swimming abilities.

shutterstock 175095920Beginners (Leisure Pool)

  • Designed for non-swimmers to increase water confidence and develop basic stroke technique within a relaxed and friendly environment.
  • Beginners Level 1: Introduces participants to swimming on their front and back and to basic water skills. For non-swimmers, those not confident in the water or to swimming with their face in the water.
  • Beginners Level 2: Develops swimming strokes and introduces further water skills, gradually introducing participants to deep water swimming and deep water skills such as treading water. For swimmers able to swim 5 to 10 metres on front and back.

Improvers (Fitness Pool)

For adults who can swim but wish to develop stroke technique and water skills.

  • Improvers Level 1: Emphasis is on stroke improvement and gaining deep water confidence. Participants must be able to swim 10 metres on front and back.
  • Improvers Level 2: Emphasis is on consolidating stroke technique and building stamina. Participants must be deep water confident and able to swim 25 metres frontcrawl and backcrawl.

One to One at Tonbridge Swimming Pool

Private swimming tuition provides individual attention and a faster learning rate for both adults and children alike. Flexible times are available to suit your needs and to bridge the gap between ASA stages. Great for adult learning and stroke improvement.

Early booking is advised as sessions are very popular. Call Tonbridge Swimming Pool on 01732 367449 to find out about availability.

Home Portal for Swim School Customers


Check your child's progress

Your Swim School lessons can be managed online using Home Portal. With one simple login you can manage one or more lesson on your PC or smart phone. Our teachers log monthly pupil progress electronically during lessons, this information can then be viewed on Home Portal.

Another great benefit of Home Portal is that when your child is ready to move up to the next level, you will receive an email alert. You can then log on, check class availability and move them to the next level at a time/day that suits you. Those paying in 15 week blocks can also view how many lessons they have remaining before they need to renew.

Already registered? Access Home Portal now. You can also register now if you have your child's card ID. If you do not have the ID number please email