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Classes to match your goals

Choose from over 70 Group Ex Classes per week


BODYPUMP BRAND IMAGE SS18 copyOur Group Exercise Class Programme offers over 70 instructor-led classes each week.  Classes take place 7 days a week, are enjoyable and suit all ages and fitness levels.  Taught by professional instructors who provide help and advice, choose from aerobic classes to burn calories and boost fitness, holistic classes to promote flexibility and reduce life's stresses, conditioning classes to sculpt the body and great dance classes. From 1 December, Members will have a 9 day window to book classes (currently 7 days), Priority Card holders have 7 days and Casual Users can book and pay on the phone 2 days in advance.

Class Descriptions & Difficulty Key



AEROBLITZ fuses aerobics and Zumba fitness for a full body workout. Incorporates boxing and core conditioning elements to strengthen and tone the whole body.  E

BODYCOMBAT is an exciting aerobic fitness programme that combines moves and stances from a range of self-defence disciplines and martial arts. Powerful yet fun.  M

BODY CONDITIONING All over body toning classes which include an aerobic warm-up, upper body workout (with optional use of weights)and floorwork concentrating on legs, bums and tums.  E

BODYPUMP is resistance class using bars and weights to achieve muscular strength and definition. If you are new to BODYPUMP please arrive 5 minutes early so the instructor can take you through technique.  M

BODYSHRED is a high intensity and endurancebased workout. It combines easy, yet effective cardiovascular routines interlaced with weights and resistance work.  M

BODYSCULPT will get you strong, svelte, defined and uber fit! Using a barbell, BodySculpt classes mesh superior training logic.  M

CORE CONDITIONING Concentrating on strengthening the deep abdominal and back muscles, this class improves posture, tightens abs and helps prevent back injuries.  M

CARDIO MASH-UP is an energising workout improving cardiovascular fitness and core strength with a combination of segments, interspersing high energy bursts and concentrated core intervals.  M

FITBALL is a core strengthening class designed to improve range of motion, strength, stability, co-ordination and balance.  M

HIIT – HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING This 45 minute class will push your physical and mental limits with intense interval stations.  H

LATINO Ultimate combination of fast beats from Samba, explosive moves from Reggaeton and Merengue beats. No dance experience required, just get ready to sweat, burn and have fun.  E

LEGS, BUMS & TUMS is simply designed to target the waist, bum, legs and tum!  E

MUMS & BABIES is postnatal fitness classes for new mums who want to exercise confidently, safely and effectively after birth, with their baby. See separate sheet for further details.  E

PILATES involves relaxation and posture control whilst developing core stability and back strength.  E

POWERWAVE A multifunctional training class, giving a full body workout that’s guaranteed to unleash explosive core strength & physical endurance to achieve a desirable shape in just 20 minutes.  M

PRIMETIMERS ACTIVE MOVERS A gentle but consistent aerobics class.  E

STEP & SCULPT is a low impact step based class focusing on toning and strengthening whilst giving a good aerobic workout.  E

STRENGTH & STRETCH Using a combination of stretches and static poses, alongside some challenging abdominal exercises, this class aims to help build core stability and strength and increase flexibility.  E

TABATA This high intensity workout includes 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise followed by 10 seconds rest in 8 blocks, performing full body functional exercises.  H

TAO CHI YOGA This form of yoga includes meditation and helps improve tone, flexibility and wellbeing.  E

Health & Fitness Membership offers unlimited access to the Group Exercise Programme at the Angel Centre and Larkfield Leisure Centre. Call 01732 359966 to find out more. Customers can also attend the programme on a pay as you go basis or take advantage of our Priority Card discount.