Relaxing Spa


shutterstock 1927171190Our Spa provides the perfect place to relax after a workout, or to escape and recharge. Regular use of the facilities will leave you with an increased feeling of wellbeing, as well as restore balance to both mind and body.  Facilities include a sauna, steam room, spa pool, aromatherapy room and heated loungers.

Casual users can use the Spa on a pay as you go basis, swim included, no booking required:

  • Sauna|Steam|Spa Adult - Priority Card £8.70 | Casual User £10.60
  • Sauna|Steam|Spa Concession - Priority Card £6.75 | Casual User £8.25

We also have an Aqua Package that includes all of the above and an Aqua Aerobics class:

  • Sauna|Steam|Spa|Aqua Aerobics Adult - Priority Card £10.30 | Casual User  £12
  • Sauna|Steam|Spa|Aqua Aerobics Concession - Priority Card £8.60 | Casual User £10

For those who want no limits to their health and fitness regime, our Swim & Spa Membership provides unlimited access not only to the Spa, but to the swimming pools at Tonbridge Swimming Pool and Larkfield Leisure Centre. Monthly Direct Debit or annual memberships are available. Find out more about membership.