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I hope you have seen or read my recent message regarding re-opening of our facilities from Monday 27 July and hope like us you are raring to get back into a healthy lifestyle at Larkfield, the Angel Centre or Tonbridge Swimming Pool. This message focuses on booking facilities.

Government guidance suggests that all visits to leisure facilities should be on a pre-booked basis and we will be adhering strictly to this guidance when we re-open. So – the first message is to ask you please not to simply turn up and expect to gain access to the facilities as you will be politely declined. This is part of our COVID Secure certification and we will make no exceptions.















SWIMMING in our fitness pools will be confined to lane swimming only, bookable in 45 minute slots with a 15 minute break in between sessions for cleaning. These will be available to Annual, Direct Debit members, Priority Card Holders and casual users. We will be selling Swim and Spa memberships as we re-open.

The GYMS will also be bookable but this time in one hour slots with a 15 minute break for cleaning and a longer break in the middle of the day for a more thorough ‘deep’ clean. These will be available to Annual and Direct Debit members only and for the first two weeks we will not be selling new Health & Fitness memberships whilst we assess capacity versus demand.

A revised EXERCISE CLASS PROGRAMME will see around 70% of our normal programme, including Aqua classes but with revised timings in many instances to help avoid gym and swim session queues. There will be a minimum of 15 minutes between classes for cleaning. These will be available to Annual and Direct Debit members and Priority Card holders only for the first two weeks. One amendment to my previous messaging is that the IMMERSIVE SPIN STUDIO AT LARKFIELD WILL BE IN USE albeit with a reduced number of spin bikes.

All of these programmes will be published on our website and bookable by phone at each site or via the web. To enable online booking you will need a Login and PIN number that can be issued by each centre or through email at We will respond to email messages as quickly as possible but it may take up to 48 hours to issue logins as we expect to receive a very high volume of emails.

The quickest way to book will be through the tmactive app and many of you who already book classes this way at Larkfield and Angel may continue to do so. We expect by 27 July to have enabled gym and swim bookings on the app. We are exploring the implementation of a similar app for Tonbridge Swimming Pool with our IT partners. You will need the same Login and PIN details to book your swimming slot.


  • Annual/DD members will be able to book up to 9 days in advance with bookings opening on Wednesday 22 July
  • Priority Card holders (previously named Centre Members) will be able to book up to 7 days in advance with bookings opening on Friday 24 July
  • Casual Users will be able to book for swimming only up to 2 days in advance with bookings opening on Saturday 25 July

In terms of bookings you will be able to make a total 5 bookings in any 24 hour period but only three on any given day. If you do wish to book back to back classes or a gym session followed by a class you are likely to have to leave the building and rejoin the queue for the next activity.

I hope that you appreciate this is complex and designed to ensure the safety of staff and customers to further ensure that we are not faced with any second wave that could cause a reversal of the lifting of restrictions. Please bear with us and be tolerant towards staff and other customers as we implement these measures.

Finally, a pledge that we will keep programmes and booking arrangements under continual review and should we see opportunities to adjust and improve the service we will not hesitate to do so.

Once again, I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the near future.

Kind regards


Martin Guyton - Chief Executive


PS Don't forget to get active at home with our FREE Health Platform