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May Greens Renovations - What we are doing and why


Dear Members and Guests

From the 13 to 19 of May the team and I will be carrying out what I believe to be essential maintenance to the greens on the main course. I wanted to give a description of the works being carried out, along with the reasons behind it.

John HockleyThe greens have struggled since the start of the year with growth, saturation, and a leather jacket infestation. There are large areas of the greens that have suffered from loss of coverage as well as bird pecking which sadly is a side effect of the leather jacket infestation. Leather jackets feast on the roots of the plant until the plant can no longer draw nutrients or water from the soil, this causes the plant to wilt and die off. I feel that if we do not act on this pressing matter, by mid-season the grasses will become so weak and stressed that we will not have a putting surface to play on.

The works that I have scheduled for the team to undertake are:

  • Double verti-cut of the greens – removing organic matter and thick lateral growth.
  • Coring of the greens - this will reduce thatch in the surface improving recovery/smoothness of the surface/drainage/encourage new growth.
  • Over seeding of the greens with a bent/fescue mix.
  • Heavy top-dress.
  • Brush/drag mat of surfaces.
  • Granular fertilization to help speed up recovery.

These renovations would have taken place earlier in the calendar year, due to my late arrival in the season and the circumstances we have all found ourselves in over the last 14 months it was unable to happen. For your reference I will look to undertake this style of renovations in March of each year.

Although I understand the frustration that these works will cause disruption so early in the return of the golfing season, I can assure you the greens will recover quickly due to higher soil temperatures and longer sunlight hours.

Many Thanks


John Hockley – Head Greenkeeper