Health Benefits of Swimming - fact sheets


The unique benefits of water make it the ideal place for people of all ages and level of ability to exercise and is particularly beneficial for those with long term health conditions.

Swim England has developed a range of fact sheets on swimming with particular health conditions. The content was written by technical experts who specialise in swimming and health conditions, and are based on the best available evidence.

This information aims to help people who are inactive and/or have long term health conditions, to become physically active in water.

We hope you find this information useful and informative. You may find our Accessibility information useful



Asthma & Competitive Swimming

Swimmer with floatAsthma & Swimming

Cancer & Swimming

COVID Recovery & Swimming

Dementia & Swimming

Diabetes & Competitive Swimming

Diabetes & Swimming

Epilepsy & Swimming

Infectious Mononucleosis & Swimming

Mental Health & Swimming

Musculoskeletal Conditions & Swimming

Otritis Externa & Swimming

Skin Conditions & Swimming

Surgery & Swimming


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