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Swimming for all the family

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Classes to match your goals



Multi-Activity Session for Older People @ Angel Centre

Our Multi-Sport Session takes place at the Angel Centre on the first and third Friday of the month from 2pm to 3.30pm. Activities on offer include golf putting, boccia, cycling on a static bike and table tennis. The instructor begins each session with a warm up and finishes with a stretch.

Regular exercise can bring benefits to those in the early to middle stages of dementia. It can improve physical fitness and cognition, and improve the ability to dress, clean, cook or perform other daily activities. Come and join us to increase your levels of physical activity or sustain them.

This friendly and supportive session costs £4 and carers go free.  This session is also Dementia friendly. Please contact for more information or speak to the reception at the Angel Centre on 01732 359966.

Dementia-friendly Swimming @ Tonbridge Swimming Pool

Come and join our Dementia-friendly Swimming Session at Tonbridge Swimming Pool each Wednesday between 11am and 1.30pm.

Getting active at our designated Dementia-Friendly swim session can improve physical and mental health and also the quality of life for people in all stages of dementia. This weekly session aims to enhance the swimming experience of those living with dementia and their carers, by removing barriers, making swimming more accessible and creating a friendly, safe environment.

Swimming in particular has many health benefits, including reduced anxiety, improved mood and enhanced wellbeing.


The session costs £3.80 and carers go free.

Please email for more information.