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Swimming for all the family

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Classes to match your goals

'Here Come the Girls' Running Groups



Come and join our successful 'Here Come the Girls' running group, taking place each week at Larkfield Leisure Centre and Tonbridge Swimming Pool! The sessions are FREE, friendly, supportive and for complete beginners. The group meets in the cafe of Larkfield Leisure Centre and at Tonbridge Swimming Pool.  The ladies taking part are friendly, fun and run at various paces.

Come and join us! Please arrive 5-10 minutes early on your first session to complete a registration form and to discuss your physical activity level/experience with your run leader.

  • Tonbridge Swimming Pool - Monday @ 9.30am
  • Larkfield Leisure Centre - Tuesday @ 9.30am
  • Tonbridge Swimming Pool - Wednesday @ 9.30am
  • Larkfield Leisure Centre - Wednesday @ 8.10pm
  • Larkfield Leisure Centre - Thursday @ 6.30pm (5k - booking required)

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Running is an incredibly effective way to lift your mood, get fitter and make you healthier. And you can do it anywhere, anytime and it's fantastic for burning calories. Running can actually help lower your risk of breast cancer, of having a stroke, high blood pressure, chronic illnesses and type 2 diabetes. Not all the benefits are physical,  regular running can boost your confidence and self-esteem, help you sleep better, meet new people and leave you feeling more energised, focused and happier. For more details email


"I am really enjoying the running group and I know that without it I would not be doing it - it is lovely to meet up with others and especially to have your encouragement and tips. Also the fact that it is free is a real big bonus."  Sue


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